Star sign? Sagittarian. Otherwise known as ? “that guy in tights”. Explain your occupation in one sentence? Purveyor of fine performance footwear. Country of origin? Canada. Whats going through your head at 6am most mornings? In winter, water over my swim cap! Coffee or tea? Coffee, always strong and in a cup. How long have you been riding a bicycle? 48 years. Can one judge a person by their shoes? yes. Ultimate destination for riding ? Ride up the 'Beast' and finish at the Egg. Your most prized possessions? Family Norton and my dog. Favourite pizza ? Sicilian from 211 Main, Port Dover. Who are your celebrity parents? (ie you could be the love child of) Jacques Cousteau and Raquel Welch. Lover or a fighter? Both. Kilometres run per week? 60- 80. If style could be purchased would you sell it ? No. Too much responsibility. Ocean or mountains ? A bit of both. Artist and song that makes you smile ? Avett Brothers, January Wedding. Favourite piece of clothing? Skinfit Shorts. What motivates you to get out of bed every morning ? My Staffie ‘Maggie’, who needs a pee and a walk. Vegemite or Promite ? Vegemite. Can one person change the world? No. Most convenient item of fruit and why? Banana. Easy to eat on the bike. Favourite city in the world? Murren!