It's important to first understand the difference between bike sizing and a bike fit. If you're purchasing a new bike, remember that bike sizing is done to determine the correct bike frame size.

Bike fitting, on the other hand, alters the bike to fit the cyclist’s unique body architecture to maximize efficiency.  Bike sizing and bike fitting can - and sometimes should - go hand in hand.  Comfort and efficiency are key to making that Sunday ride a great one.


Your 2-hour Road Bike Fit session includes examination of and required adjustments to saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length, handlebar drop and handlebar rotation. In addition, a pedal stoke evaluation determines whether any cleat adjustments are needed, including wedging for varus (inward) or valgus (outward) deviation. 80 to 90% of all cyclists have some kind of misaligned foot-pedal set up. At 90 rpm the average cyclist completes over 5,000 revolutions per hour... lets make every one count!

Pricing & Details

How much does a bike fit cost?

The following prices are in $CAD and do not include applicable taxes:

  • ·         Road Bike Fit: $150.00
  • ·         Mountain Bike Fit: $125.00
  • ·         Triathlon Bike Fit: $175.00

Additional bike - road or MTB: $60.00 (this must be completed during initial visit). An additional bike can be done at a later date for $100.00.

What should I bring to the fit session?

Bicycle - clean and in good working condition.

Cycling clothing - not too baggy.

Cycling shoes - clean and dry. If you have old worn out cycling shoes or cleats now is the time to replace them. If you have recently purchased new cycling shoes please bring your old pair as they can assist with gathering information about cleat set up.

How long does a bike fit session take?

The average bike fit takes approximately 2 hours.

What does the 2-hour fit session include?

A short interview to gather information about the rider's history.

Assessment and, if required, adjustment of saddle height, saddle fore/aft, cockpit length, handlebar drop and handlebar rotation.

A front view pedal stoke evaluation to asses if any cleat adjustments are needed including varus (inward) or valgus (outward) wedging.

Any follow up visits for minor adjustments are free of charge.

What times are available for scheduling a bike fit session?

Call, email or drop by the shop to schedule a suitable time that meets your needs.

How to book an appointment

Call ~ 519.583.3100

Email ~

State time and day interested in session.

Indicate type of fit required: Road, MTB, or Tri.