Run Classes


Running is often thought of as a solo sport, but you may be missing out if you are hitting the pavement all alone.  Research shows that when you train within a group, you can train longer and harder.  When you train with friends, they can help to support your efforts and improve your performance.

Whether you are a beginner or training presently, this program will be of benefit. We cover walk to run transition, form and technique, stretching, lifestyle change, shoe and clothing selection, commitment, diet and nutrition and many more topics. 

final point: there's no magic number that will make you accomplish your running goals. focus on consistency, not making stupid mistakes, and only moving up your mileage when you're ready and comfortable. always listen to your body.

Cost: $85


The 10k is the single event where any runner can enjoy the full range of everything road racing has to offer. As a test of both speed and endurance, this distance combines the best aspects of the 5k and marathon. That means that improving your 10k performance can put you in striking distance of improvements at those other distances as well. In fact, much of the appeal of the 10k is not only that it demands versatility of runners, but also that it helps to develop it within them. Running the 10k often means running better.

Cost: $99

tri & run

As more and more runners on the North Shore turn to the greater challenges, distances, and opportunities to test their limits, a sensible training schedule is more important than ever for building safely to peak performance.

 Whether you are training for a specific event, it's your first time at this distance or you're looking to PR you will arrive at the start line prepared to not only finish but to conquer the distance.

Coaches will discuss race nutrition, clothing, pacing and hydration among other topics of interest. This class is open to all individuals who can consistently complete 5-10 km of steady running.

Cost: $99