Indoor Cycling

EVENING POWER ~ 6 pm Monday's

Our most popular class over the last 8 years! This class will provide 90 minutes of polarized training with the goal of progressing through the season to becoming a stronger and more efficient cyclist.

Power cycle - Noon Wednesday afternoon

This class is designed to use power to strengthen the body and the mind. You will be challenged with high resistance hill climbs that will tone your muscles and sprints that will make your heart pump! You can expect to burn more calories than any other type of cardiovascular workout. Class is appropriate for active beginners through to advanced students.

Brick - 6:30a Saturday Morning's


A BRICK session simply means a workout that involves both cycling and running intervals. A widely used training program for triathletes, the variety in this program keeps your body guessing and therefore using more energy and burning more calories. This will be the perfect session to test your fitness or simply help refresh the mind.

The class is of POWER, long INTERVALS and TABATA. Great way to get your weekend started.

Join us at 8a at the Shop for a run.

WEEKEND VOLUME- 10 am Sunday's

As discussed above, research shows that the most effective way to train is to balance out POWER with time spent aerobically, in about a 1:3 ratio. For that reason, we recommend that for those wanting to maximize their winter fitness gains and burn their buddies on the road when outdoor season rolls around, they supplement a weekday power class with a weekend volume spin. This year we are offering more Sunday volume classes.

These will be strictly aerobic to target developing the base necessary to support higher power efforts. Lots of good music and good people will ensure the hours fly by!

New This Year we are offering six STATIONARY Kinetic road cycling trainers that accurately replicate the outdoor ride experience.

We also have 20 CycleOps Wind Trainers if you wish to bring your own bike.

Indoor Duathlon Hour - Alternating Sunday mornings 10 am

This is a fun group event for the Wheelhouse Wolfpack, meant to motivate , inspire, provide a safe and simulated environment for all our North Shore athletes of all fitness levels to experience the rush of Triathlon.

Some races are based on distance, like an outdoor race, while others are based on time, with outcomes based on how far one can go in that designated time. Generally, though, you can count on the following features:

The Bike
Bikes will be calibrated so they put forth the same resistance for all participants. You must have a bike computer mounted on the handlebars which allows you to see your speed and distance. Your goal is to ride as far as you can in the designated time period or go the distance specified for the race.

The Run
After getting off the bike, the run begins. If your race is based on distance, you stop when you’re finished. If your race is based on time, you stop when that time elapses.
Courses will vary.

Points will be awarded for participation and improvement during the each of the bike and run portions.

Drop-In Pricing

1 classes pass – $15 +HST

10 class package – $130 +HST ($13/class)


Bike storage – $25/mo +HST
Taking transit or just not keen on hauling your ride around in winter? Leave it with us.