Shoe Fit

At North Shore Athletics we pride ourselves on carrying a wide selection of shoes from different brands that meet our special requirements. Brands like Brooks, Mizuno, Hoka One One, Topo, New Balance and Pearl Izumi,.  Only offering you a wide variety of the best shoes on the market,  premium products at the right price. Personal fit is essential and we follow certain steps to ensure you get the right fit for you.

Step 1: One of our well trained staff will discuss what your activities are and what you will be doing with the shoes. This will help determine what show will best fit your needs, to help you perform at your best.

Step 2: It is a good idea to bring in your old footwear, This will help see the wear pattern, as well as help us show you what the differences are from old to new shoe, and will help provide history of successes or failures.

Step 3: Next we will analyze your feet from a stand still and through walking movement, this will help direct us to the proper shoe that will best fit your foot type. to offer each customer the correct amount of support.

Step 4: I have found that every brand fits so different that we no longer measure your foot, we will pick a starting size and go from there. 5-10km running half a thumb width from end of shoe. For those doing half to full marathon distance we fit a thumb width from end of shoe.

Step 6: With shoes now being placed on your feet, The North Shore fit expert will go though a review of a proper fit and provide technological advice on each specific shoe.

Step 7: The next step is to take your shoes for a run, head outside and try the shoe. we will have checked the sizing once again and watched you stand up in the shoes, now it’s time to really test them out. The expert will watch you move in the shoes to determine if the shoes are providing the correct amount of support. Remember each brand will fit differently and the cushioning will feel different.

Step 8: The selection process may take some time so please allow yourself enough time to be able to fully try each shoe out. The best shoe will be the one that looks the best to the fit expert and which also feels the best to you. It is a team effort to get a good fit.

Step 9: Finally you have a pair you love, they should be a great fit and feel great all over. If for whatever reason you have questions regarding your shoes after you have purchased them, please don’t hesitate to come back in or give us a call. Our promise is that you and your feet are totally happy.