Light Up!

Visibility is critical for Fall running.  With decreased daylight, runs and walks that would happen in the daylight in the summer time are now happening in the dark. There are a number potentially dangerous situations that may arise while exercising in the dark, but easily the most dangerous is the fact that drivers will have a hard time seeing you.

No matter what you wearing to increase the likelihood that you will be seen, the best advice I can give you is to always assume that the driver DOES NOT see you.

When we get behind the wheel, our brains have been conditioned to look for other vehicular traffic, not runners, cyclists, walkers or other pedestrians. And since cars are undefeated in accidents involving a person, you need to do everything you can to be seen while still assuming you aren’t in order to make it home safe.

There are two types of ways to be seen while running or walking.  Passive and Active

Passive visibility ~ includes high visibility clothing, reflective vests, reflectors on shoes and clothing etc. 

Active visibility ~  includes flashing lights and head lamps anything that actively flashes a light at traffic

For most runners, myself included, skipping a run because it’s dark simply isn’t an option.

That said, I obviously want to make it home safely to my family after my run, so being safe is my top priority.

So, starting October 6th lights and/or high visibility apparel will be mandatory for run/walk clinic. 
Thank you.

Scot BrockbankComment